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Welcome to Ikarus OSD website

Thank you for using Ikarus OSD. We hope this OSD / FPV UAV to be to your liking and will provide many hours of fun and flights with comfort and safety.

Ikarus OSD is the result of more than two years of development and testing, both laboratory and in the field of flight by a team of radio control aircraft enthusiasts, flying FPV, electronics and computers for a full FPV OSD That responds to the needs of the fans as we in this hobby.

The Ikarus OSD flight system is composed of four components. The main component is an OSD on autopilot, it displays all the information superimposed on the image plane of video and telemetry information to be decoded by the flight console. This application enables the configuration of the OSD, as well as during the flight display information in graphical instruments like an aircraft or flight simulator, along with the map of flight with the aircraft's position. The AntenaTracker module is responsible for guiding the antenna on the ground to track the movements of the aircraft. Finally, the Uplink module will control the aircraft and the OSD using a joystick connected to your PC